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Friday, July 25, 2014

Circle 'R' Ranch GRAND DAY 2014

Circle “R” Disability Ranch's Grand Day 2014 is educational agriculture outreach program…This program will offer activities for special needs children who are mentally or physically challenged or social-economically deprived citizens. Although the focus is for these groups, other children are welcome as well. The age range is 6 years and older.

The purpose of this event is to provide an educational fun day on a farm that will demonstrate how healthy foods are raised and how to farm with a disability.

Activities for the day will be:
- Planting FOOD to take home
- Harvesting vegetables to take home
- Viewing various types of gardening (raised bed and plastic culture)
- Petting Zoo (farm animals)
- Hay rides
- Farm Games

FREE!! There is no cost for this event! Lunch will be provided
Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Circle “R” Ranch is located at: 13584 N.S. 365 Rd.
Holdenville, OK 74884, (405) 596-0348 or (405) 941-3773

Please register at:
See Photos from GRAND DAY 2013  - CLICK HERE

“Everyone Deserves An Opportunity To Eat and Live Healthy.”

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tommy Brown, Mgr. Eng. /Government Affairs at Oklahoma Natural Gas (ONG) and President of NWIAA Board of Directors

Mr. Tommy Brown, a man who cares, dares and shares TANGIBLY to make a healthy and positive difference in the lives of at-risk minority youth.  Perhaps what is most important is that Mr. Brown serves where education, training and resources are MOST needed in the minority eastside community of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.   He teaches and mentors young men ages 12 – 21 on how to be men of integrity, action and not just words.  He also teaches them how to give back tangibly BIG in their community, not lip service.  Mr. Brown’s leadership of generation “X” is trailblazing along with National Women In Agriculture Association to Save & Educate our children through NWIAA’s Agriculture Science and Math Health initiatives.  Mr. Brown is  married, has a two (2) year old daughter, is a full time employee for an Oklahoma energy company; yet he still makes it his business to take time to make a tangible difference.   Again as a full time employee at Oklahoma Natural Gas Company he, checks-in on NWIAA on his lunch break, gets off at 5:00 pm, then arrives at NWIAA’s Sustainable Science Academy. Mr. Brown also assists on weekends to ensure that our youth have the nice, safe, and healthy learning environment that has never been established in this community on the level that Mr. Brown and NWIAA are bringing about so quickly.   This team knows it is an emergency when the majority of the schools within a 5 mile radius of the Academy are receiving failing grades.  NWIAA is trying to work with the legislatures and school board leadership to become a funded higher learning child care center before the month of August 2014.  NWIAA’s Academy has already been approved by DHS to accept twenty 3 – 5 year olds. The Academy’s goal is to have 50 children from 6 months old to 5 years old.  Its NWIAA’s vow that when lower income children come through NWIAA’s Academy, they will learn how to 1.  Read, 2. Speak proper English and Spanish, 3. Sign Language, and 4. Have Proper Etiquette Social Development Skills. The Goal is to step above and break traditional poverty curses.  

Mr. Brown has made a vow to HELP change the environment; and he has and continues to diligently stick by his word.  He makes it his business daily to be a leader that the young men in this community can relate to and look up to and be proud to be a part of the Eastside community.   Again, Mr. Brown works a full-time job (40 hours, plus), and comes over to mentor minority teen young men how to do manly community repairs for younger minority youth in the eastside community; and these young men ultimately train the younger youth as they can relate to one another.   

 Mr. Brown and his young men’s team have completed upgraded repairs inside and outside of the former McFarland YWCA building which is now NWIAA’s Sustainable Science Academy.  This team of individuals tries to ensure daily that the at-risk-youth have a decent environment to learn and grow in with true opportunities.   Mr. Brown literally shows that anyone can volunteer and do what they want to do even with a 40 hour plus work schedule.   Needless to say, this community is in need of more young, gifted, giving and dedicated leaders.  Mr. Brown and NWIAA are developing more minority leaders here in the East of Oklahoma City to train and 
save others across the world through NWIAA’s 
Save & Educate A Child Health Imitative.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

OKC Community Resource Meeting

NWIAA wants to ensure that our children know how to read, properly speak English and Spanish, Learn Sign Language and know who to produce, eat healthy and learn how to live in a healthy environment BEFORE they start Kindergarten in Oklahoma City Public Schools.

NWIAA has partnered with all Oklahoma City Public School within a five (5) mile radius of the academy to ensure that mission save & educate a child is being diligently being executed within this community to bring about a change beginning September 2, 2014. NWIAA is asking for help to community leaders and organizations companies to make sure that our children have a decent and healthy environment before the Sustainable Science Academy opens the 1st part of September 2014 for ages 6 month old - 5 years old.

NWIAA is a New Generation of college graduate and national certified leaders that are making a difference quickly because it is URGENT for our youth in the east community; and our youth are able to relate and grow in NWIAA's environment that like no other in America and soon to be international. We have pledged to break non-traditional generational curses that has caused severe failure.