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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Thank you all for the support and encouragement in our efforts to save and educate the world through agricultural health initiatives and programs.

Participation Points for Haldor

 Hello Class !

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending National Women In Ag. Association's 4th Annual New Generation Symposium in Atlanta, Georgia. The conference was held at the Renaissance Hotel which is in midtown Atlanta, the heart of Atlanta’s music and art scene. Guests from numerous states and several different countries attended the conference including Canada, Africa, and Jamaica just to name a few. The conference held classes for adults and youth the first two days ranging from topics of Bee Keeping, Insurance, and Farm Safety. There were also Congresswomen, deans of Agriculture of Colleges, and USDA and Forestry reps spoke at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At the conclusion we had farm tours, the first stop was my favorite organization other than NWIAA, USDA of Atlanta. We toured the facility which was located at the airport, which made it easy for cargo to be delivered for inspection by qualified individuals to enter the country. If the plants had any new pests that weren’t already in America the specimens would be rejected and sent back to where they came from. Our tour guide also stated that the examiners never touched a box! The security would place the box on the floor and open it and the examiner would just examine the specimen. No hard labor is what I’m trying to get at which is awesome! He also stated some make six digit salaries. This tour really made me realize there are numerous avenues in Agriculture and not to take it lightly. One could go the traditional route of farming or pursue a career in education, business agriculture, or any of the various government regulatory positions.  

Tiffany C. Guess